Gratitude of sewing project moms

17 December 2017 - 4:44pm Comments Off

Donation of kind hearted ladies

These ladies are wonderful. They have so little but they still wish to donate a small portion of their earnings from the sewing club project back to our cause. We didn’t expect this really but it is certainly heart-warming to see them have gratitude. Moreover, it is always great to see them progressing so well not only with their work but their livelihoods.

A roof over the head

Uncle Leang, who was recently admitted into hospital by KSK is now off the streets. Yen Bee, Hoong and Ryan helped to send Uncle to Kim Loo Ting shelter home today. We are all happy that he doesn’t have to sleep with rats and cockroaches on the streets anymore.

Zuki returning to Rantau Panjang

Another client is off the streets today! Zuki, from Rantau Panjang, Kelantan, dropped in to seek help to send him home. He came to KL trying to look for a job months ago but always end up cheated by security guard companies.

He became homeless subsequently after losing all his money and spent nights stranded in KL, mostly at Pasar Seni station. He overheard from some friends he made on the streets about KSK and came to seek help.

We sent him to TBS this morning and arranged a bus ticket for him to return to Rantau Panjang. He will be back to help his parents to tap rubber instead. Wish you all the best Zuki!

Mohd Faizul gets treatment

Through our volunteer Jean, we met up with Mohd Faizul who became homeless and was bunking near a train station for months. He left home because he was not in good terms with his in laws. However, everything didn’t look good for him as he subsequently contracted Tuberculosis from his workplace.

He is currently under treatment for his Pulmonary Tuberculosis, which started in May but has not completed the course of treatment as he ran out of medicine and defaulted his appointments with Hospital Jeram. Hence, we brought him to see Dr Ming and she prescribed medications for him and wrote a referral letter for him to be admitted to Pusat Transit Gelandangan.

Kind-hearted people helping pack

Pak cik had a stroke and is no longer mobile. He was sent to a shelter where he will be taken care of. Mickey Wee and Michelle Ho went to follow up on Sunday to make sure Pak cik is alright. Thank you very much for your dedication and kindness shown to our street friends.

Din gets a new job!

Din, our former client who had since left the streets came to KSK to recruit current clients who may want an opportunity to work with him in a car wash company. He identified three of our regular clients and brought them back to meet his boss. The three clients were accepted to work and are now off the streets. We are very happy and proud of Din. He also thanked us for helping him in the past and appreciated how KSK never gave up on him.

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