Delivering More than Food and Care

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Sifting through vegetables that had been collected by Kechara Soup Kitchen food bank programme

One would think that the picture below is of a house with the tenants’ belongings arranged in a haphazard manner. But upon closer inspection, this is not any normal house, for it is actually the underbridge of a highway! Mary, together with her husband Mohan, have lived here for the past ten years or so. The couple work as recyclable sellers and sometimes Mohan gets additional income by helping out as a transporter’s assistant.

Despite their hardships, whenever they have any money to spare they send money back to their young children who are all living in their hometown. Talk about parental love and dedication!

This afternoon, we had sent Mary over to the hospital after finding out that her right ear was in pain. Upon checking, the doctor cleared her ear canal and said she will be fine. We are glad that she is alright now.

Mary and Mohan's humble home below a highway bridge

Members of the underprivileged community regularly sift through vegetables that have been collected by Kechara’s food bank programme. Quite a huge amount of vegetables are saved from ending up in the bin and these are redistributed to poor families and our Non-Governmental Organisation partners.

One of KSK’s initiatives to help the underprivileged community especially single mothers is to incorporate them into our sewing club society where they will learn how to sew in order to generate extra income for themselves, in the hope they are self reliant in the future. Saroja, a single mother, is one of the latest members of our sewing club society. According to Elsie, our trainer, she is very keen to learn and positively believes that this project will enable her to earn extra income to feed her children.

Kechara's sewing club helps equip the less fortunate with the skills to earn a living

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