Soft opening with a hard impact!

25 July 2010 - 3:54pm Comments Off

After weeks of renovations, Kechara Paradise’s new location in SS2 opened its doors to the public at 10am last Saturday (24 July 2010 for those who want the exact date!).

The run-up to the opening was a busy time, with all hands on deck to help prepare the store for a rush of customers. Staff and plenty of volunteers came to help us unpack new stock, and to move and clean the outlet, as well as set up beautiful displays to show off the best of the Himalayas.

To mark this auspicious and joyous occasion, Datuk May Phng (Kechara House President) and her committee members invited the Buddha of Wealth, Dzambala from Kechara House over to KPSS2. Dzambala will bless the store with much prosperity and success in spreading the Dharma to Malaysians.

After Dzambala was invited, a puja was done by everyone present, to set the motivation for the outlet’s operations…and beng a Dharma outlet, well, what is an opening of an outlet without some shopping time! Once the puja was concluded, guests took full advantage of the many fantastic offers and discounts available.

It may have been our soft opening, but it did not stop us from making an impact! Many members and friends turned out in force to check out the new store. After all, our outlet in SS2 was Kechara’s very first, and the place where many ideas about the beginning and future of Kechara were formulated. This change in location marks the beginning of a new era for Kechara in spreading the Dharma to an ever-growing crowd of people thirsty for spirituality.

For those who could not join us on that day, we hope to see you soon so come over and visit us as soon as you can!

Inviting Dzambala into KP SS2

Installing Dzambala in a specially prepared area

Liaison Henry Ooi, the Director of Kechara Paradise

Many came to pay their respects to Lord Dzambala and to celebrate the opening of KP SS2

Datuk May Phng and Datin Ng

A sea of pearl offerings surround Dzambala

Performing a Dzambala puja to bless the premises

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