Promotion: Discounts on altar packages!

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To face the many difficulties, problems and distractions in our daily lives, there’s nothing better than setting up an altar to the Three Jewels, to give us some respite and help us find inner peace.

From 15 March – 14 April 2014, all Kechara retail outlets are offering significant discounts on a range of altar setup packages. Drop by and speak with our knowledgeable staff for creative ideas and tips to set up a unique altar for your home or office that suits your personal style and taste.

The Benefits of Setting Up an Altar:

  1. We increase our wealth and luck
  2. It protects us from harm, spirits, and black magic
  3. It helps us to clear obstacles
  4. It generates peaceful and positive energies to our home and the surrounding environments
  5. It helps one to focus better in the meditations and prayers
  6. It helps us to create a better connection with the Buddhas
  7. It helps us to receive blessings from the Buddhas

Set up your altar today – visit us at the following locations:

Kechara SS2

Tel: 03 7877 0071

Kechara One Utama Shopping Mall

Tel: 03 7710 4435

Kechara Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Tel: 03 5632 6575

Kechara Viva Home Shopping Mall

Tel: 03 9286 6817

Kechara House Sunwaymas

Tel: 03 7803 3908

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