Offer love and collect immeasurable merits this October!

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Merits can be collected in many ways but one of the fastest and most excellent ways is to make offerings to one’s Guru. The Guru is an excellent source of immeasurable merits to further our spiritual practice because he possesses the necessary qualities that makes him a suitable recipient of such offerings:

1. He is a fully ordained monk

2. In the case of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, he is also recognised as an incarnate high Lama of Gaden Shartse Monastery

3. The Guru, whom we should regard as one with the Buddha, is most precious because he has taught us the Dharma and continually seeks numerous ways to benefit others

Making offerings to one’s Guru should not stop once we have received what we have requested for. After all, if we have received any form of kindness from Rinpoche or Kechara, would it not be good practice to repay their kindness?

Gratitude as a practice is important because we want happiness for ourselves, and thinking of others is a good way to start such a practice.

Making offerings to one’s Guru is also important in developing compassion – the best and easiest people to start practising compassion with are those who have been kindest to us. Furthermore, making offerings is an excellent means of practising generosity. Thus, making offerings to one’s Guru not only generates great merit in itself, but becomes a spiritual practice of giving.

One of the most auspicious times to make offerings to one’s Guru is on his birthday, because that is the day he chose to take rebirth… and for Kechara, this day is 24 October! Such offerings create the causes for achieving a Buddha’s body, speech and mind, for us to hold our vows and commitments well.

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