Kechara One Utama Roadshow An Astounding Success!

21 September 2012 - 7:35am Comments Off

Kechara’s recent Road Show held in One Utama over 7 days from 15 – 21 August 2012 was a success. The theme was “Wealth & Protection”, in conjunction with the 7th month Hungry Ghost Festival.

For wealth, our authentic and popular Feng Shui Vases for Business and Wealth were fiercely sought after. Customers comprising of shoppers at the mall, regular customers, Kechara members and friends who came to know of the roadshow via social media were seen clamoring for these wealth vases. Our newly arrived Super Jumbo Wealth Vase was the real “star” and was invited home by several customers.

And for protection, our ruels which are prepared and blessed by the holy monks in the monastery were also very popular. Some bought for themselves or as gifts to family members and friends. As the road show was on the same floor as our retail outlet in 1Utama, shoppers also streamed into the store to select other items which were on promotion.

Many thanks to all who supported this roadshow. We look forward to another exciting roadshow event with many other attractive promotions and activities.

A success roadshow!

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