Inviting Prosperity and Protection to your New Year!

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Have you made the necessary preparations to embrace the next 365 days in the Year of the Water Snake?

In conjunction with Chinese New Year celebrations, we are offering you an exclusive opportunity to invite home some holy energy, and receive some precious free gifts with every purchase of a wealth vase. Only from 15th January to 28th February!

Purchase the small wealth vase and you’ll receive a Dzambala Chakra and a Yangdzay Rilbu (wealth pill) worth 219 MYR / 71 USD and if you decide to start your year with a jumbo bang and invite home the Super Jumbo wealth vase, we’ll be offering your a roo (supreme amulet to protect from harmful energies) and the entire set of Yangdzay Rilbu (wealth pills).

There are many ways to face the uncertainty and challenges in the coming Snake Year. For instance, inviting some holy energy into your home and office could help eliminate obstacles to material gain and prosperity, and allowing your mind to be more focused on your career, family and even the achievement of internal happiness.

Wealth vases, also known as feng shui vases, contain the energy of material and spiritual wealth. Our wealth vases are hand-made by monks from the prestigious Gaden Monastery in South India. They are made according to specific scriptural instructions and contain precious items such as relics from high Lamas, holy items, precious gems, and the five natural elements such as earth, gold and silver.

Upon completion, a large prayer session is conducted to invoke and seal the energies of the wealth Buddhas within the vases. We offer various sizes of wealth vases, from Mini to Super Jumbo, to suit your needs.

Come and visit us for our 1st and exciting roadshow :
Venue: Ground Floor, in between Center court and information counter, Mid Valley Mall
Date: 24th January till 19th February 2013
Time : 10am – 10pm

For more information, please contact your nearest outlets or visit our online shop.

We wish everyone a prosperous and happy Water Snake Year!

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