Divine Protection for the 7th Month

21 July 2014 - 9:02pm Comments Off

We often face many problems and difficulties in life, some are human problems while others are caused by supernatural beings. During the 7th lunar month, many will experience supernatural disturbances, and some even have their daily life affected. Hence, effective protection is much needed to ward off black magic, spirit disturbances, and charms.

Kechara Paradise offers a vast selection of Buddhist protection, ranging from buddhist amulets and pendants which can be worn everywhere for constant protection, to Buddha statues and paintings which can be placed at home to clear negative energies.

During this 7th month, Kechara Paradise is offering great deals on all protection items. Receive a 20% discount on your total bill with the purchase of any of the protection items below:

  1. Setrap / Protector statue
  2. Setrap / Protector thangka
  3. Setrap / Protector chakra
  4. Setrap / Protector pendant
  5. Setrap / Protector tsa tsa
  6. Ruel

Don’t miss this opportunity. Visit any of our outlets today to invite home the protection you need.

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