Chakra promotion, grab yours now!

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echara outlets will be having a special promotion from 1st April till 30th June 2013! You get a 30% discount for inviting our chakras:

  • Invite a Chakra without casing@RM60 AND get a 2nd Chakra@RM60 less 30%.
  • Invite a Chakra with casing@RM75 AND get a 2nd Chakra@ RM75 less 30%.

Chakras make a great gift of blessing and protection for your family or friends. Or better yet, invite one for yourself and the other for your car, office or even to carry around in your bags.

Chakras are blessed talismans that contain the Buddha’s essence, power and protection. The powerful energies within a chakra grant protection against negative energies such as harmful supernatural forces, accidents, spells and black magic.

Chakras can also bless us with the energies of wisdom, healing, longevity and wealth. Chakras contain a special piece of paper adorned with saffron, which has diagrams, mantras and prayers written on it. These will invoke the body, speech and mind energies of the Buddhas.

The prayers and diagrams are written to invoke the energies of a particular Buddha and activate the energy of protection. The outer surface of the chakra is covered with traditional hand-woven Tibetan designs.

Our chakras are hand-made and consecrated by monks in a careful process that include elaborate pujas sessions done by monks in monasteries to consecrate the chakras and seal the energies of the Buddha within. Small and lightweight, chakras offers us blessings and protection that is easy for us to keep at hand. We offer many different types of chakras, each with a specific purpose and benefit.

For more info, please call or visit any of our stores.

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