Seeing triple at Amcorp Mall!

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We got to talk to many people about our latest books!

Missed our Kechara Media & Publications (KMP), Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA) and Kechara Discovery (KD) joint roadshow? Not to worry – here’s a little recap and big photos of the last four exciting days at one of PJ’s favourite malls.

Located on the ground floor alongside many other flea-market-type booths, the joint KD, KSA and KMP booth sought to introduce Kechara and its many beautiful Dharma items to a new crowd. We were there from Thursday June 17 to Sunday June 20, which enabled us to meet both the normal office crowds on the weekday and the flea-market shoppers on the weekend.

An eclectic, varied display of Kechara Saraswati Arts' activities and products

Both KD and KMP promoted their best pendants and books, while KSA showcased some of their products and services available. An attractive, quirky display featuring different products of all three departments exemplified the diversity, colourful energy and talent of the Kechara organisation.

Over the four days, KMP shared quite a lot information about Kechara, our books and practices to a number of passersby and newbies. Even Indian shoppers became very interested in Setrap’s practice. For example, KD sold quite a number of Setrap pendants, which well complemented KMP’s beautiful Setrap box sets, in both English and Chinese. How wonderful that we able to bring Setrap’s blessings and protection to many new people!

As well as making lots of sales to support the Dharma work of these two departments, KD, KSA and KMP were given lots of exposure to a new crowd.

Finally, we had a real big surprise during the last day of the roadshow, when our Spiritual Guide, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche paid us a surprise visit, bringing lots of cheer and gifts to warm the hearts of the hard-working staff and volunteers at the booth. You can read Rinpoche’s personal account of his visit to the booth in his personal blog. It was really a moment to remember for all who were present at the time. Rinpoche even gave a lucky customer a Dzambala pendant when he was buying books from KMP. Talk about affinity!

You never quite know what will happen at these road shows – there’s lots of surprises out there in the world. Be a part of the spontaneity and sharings at our next roadshow: watch this space for details!

Lots and lots of KMP books on promotion!

Many beautiful Buddhas to bring home

This roadshow brought Tsongkhapa's practice to the fore with a focus on the box set and comic book

Tsongkhapa and Setrap - a perfect pairing

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