Dorje Shugden Procession in Bentong Town

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9 August 2016 was another major milestone for Kechara Buddhist Organisation as we had the privilege to participate in Bentong’s annual Hungry Ghost Festival Procession under the invitation of Bentong Chai Shen Temple (Wealth God Temple) in Kampung Ulu Perting.

Preparations before the procession

A group photo before the procession began

The Wealth God Temple was filled with people

Many Bentong folks eagerly waited outside the temple for the procession to start

This annual event takes place in Bentong during the Hungry Ghost Festival for the people of Bentong to propitiate and make offerings to the Chinese wealth gods. The procession started from Chai Shen Temple in Kampung Ulu Perting at 6pm and went through Bentong’s main streets before ending at 10:30pm.

Kecharians distributing Dorje Shugden pendants and materials in front of the temple

The procession moves along Ulu Perting Village roads

Many locals and tourists were attracted to the sights

Bentong locals and tourists happily received the Dorje Shugden pendants

More than 50 Kecharians participated in this historical procession where an estimated 5,000 people filled the streets to catch a glimpse of Dorje Shugden, also known as “Chai Wang” to the locals, leading the procession followed by other Chinese wealth deities such as Kuan Kong, Chai Shen and Wu Chai Shen. Mediums were also part of the procession, taking trance of Chinese wealth deities to bless the Bentong folks. During the procession, Kecharians distributed Dorje Shugden cards, leaflets, pendants, posters and photos as gifts to connect the people of Bentong with World Peace Protector, Dorje Shugden.

What is heartwarming is the acceptance and religious harmony seen in this procession, where Buddhist and Taoist practices co-exist side by side with the sole aim of bring blessings to all.

Procession on the main streets of Bentong town

Take wefies with Wealth God and Protector Dorje Shugden

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