MKC Splash Day!

15 December 2009 - 6:05pm Comments Off

Manjushri Kids’ Class (MKC) capped our final semester of 2009 with a fun-filled holiday splash at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park on 13th December 2009!

The whole day’s events went smoothly, with sponsored All-Theme-Parks admission tickets for our MKC group and the kind assistance of the Sunway Lagoon staff expediting the processing of our group’s entry into the resort.

The kids were led by Ashlee and Alex Tan, with the support of Mr. and Mrs. Ngeow and our volunteer Wee Liang. Including all the parents, guardians and volunteers, our group eventually totaled 19 adults and 26 kids…and some of them came from far, far away just for the event! Mr. Tiew Hoon Kwee and Mr. Ken Khern, for example, had brought their families all the way from Batu Pahat, Johor so that their children could participate in this fun-filled day…they had got up at 4am to make sure they arrived on time!

Our first stop was the Sunway Wildlife Park where parents and children were able to interact with a variety of animals ranging from the more exotic like tigers, crocodiles, monkeys, porcupine and bears, to the more usual birds, butterflies and rabbits. For some, it was quite an experience feeding the birds – one member described it as like having necks and hands cleaned when the birds pecked at our skin!

After the group settled down, the much-awaited MKC’s Monthly Lucky Draw was held at the Wildlife Park, with the prizes being kindly sponsored by the Tsem Ladrang Gift Section.

The lucky winners:

  1. Khern Tze Yang (Comic Book)
  2. Sylvie Tan (Comic Book)
  3. Tiew Ming Lun (Comic Book)
  4. Kimberly Chew (Comic Book)
  5. Jensen (Soft Toy Cat)
  6. Zachery (Star Wars Toy)
  7. Alex Yeoh (Soft Toy Duck)
  8. Rachel Tan (Fortune Kitty Toy)
  9. Henry Lim (Teddy Bear Saving Box)
  10. Samantha Moey (Teddy Bear Saving Box)
  11. Carmen Chan (Tibetan Folk Story Book)
  12. Khern Tze Kay (Teddy Bear Soft Toy)
  13. Khern Tze Phin (Cheese Clock)

After a break for lunch, the next highlight was the Water Theme Park! The kids had an ocean of fun slipping and sliding down the water slides before heading to the giant man-made beach. Making full use of the wave-action pool, laughter, screams and noise abounded as the kids challenged the waves, imagining they were in Hawai’i!

Around 3pm, some members left for rehearsals for Legend of the Conch Shell but for the rest of us who remained behind, the fun continued at the Sunway Amusement Park where the kids were spoilt for choice. It was generally agreed that the kids’ favourite ride was The Pirate Ship, although some of the kids turned a colour close to Green Tara’s after going on it one too many times…but fear not for your precious ones, because those kids weren’t from our group!

Our day out to Sunway Lagoon was a truly exhilarating and fun-filled family day, unmarred by any unpleasant experiences like injuries, or missing or stolen items…so it was a lovely and relaxed opportunity for our members to get to know one another better, and catch up with our friends from other states.

If you are interested in enrolling your children into Manjushri Kids’ Class activities, so they can take part in our future fun events, please visit our website for further information by CLICKING HERE!

On behalf of MKC, to all you wonderful parents and precious little Manjushris-to-be we wish you:

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!! We will see you in 2010!!!

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