Meeting an Enlightened Mind

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Kensur Rinpoche shared that he rejoiced in all of Kechara's Dharma work and activity

It isn’t every day that you have the rare fortune to meet an erudite master like H.E. Kensur Jampa Yeshe Rinpoche, Abbot Emeritus of Gaden Shartse Monastery and H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s Guru. 13 Kechara members had this precious opportunity to connect with our Guru’s Guru this week when we went to make offerings to Kensur Rinpoche on behalf of Tsem Rinpoche and the Kechara organisation.

Tsem Rinpoche's personal attendant Monlam making offerings to H.E. Kensur Jampa Yeshe Rinpoche on behalf of Tsem Rinpoche

Kensur Rinpoche, who is now 81 years old, has been a monk for almost all of his life and is renowned throughout the Buddhist world for his deep and ardent practice. Tsem Rinpoche lived with him as his student for eight years in Gaden, serving him directly as his main Liaison (changtso) in the Ladrang.

Tsem Rinpoche offered the Eight Auspicious Signs to Kensur Rinpoche, a very meritorious offering to request the Lamas to continue turning the wheel of Dharma

Making more offerings of silver water offering bowls and candles to Kensur Rinpoche

Tsem Rinpoche even offered up his own home – Tsem Ladrang in Gaden – to Kensur Rinpoche, and high Lamas throughout Gaden speak frequently and highly of Tsem Rinpoche’s example of perfect Guru devotion towards Kensur Rinpoche. The very reason that Tsem Rinpoche is in Malaysia is because Kensur Rinpoche and H.E. Lati Rinpoche had requested him to go abroad to teach.

Offering Kensur Rinpoche a photo of his Guru, H.H. Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche. Kensur Rinpoche immediately put the photo to his head - a sign of his deep respect and reverence for his Guru

Before the audience, Tsem Rinpoche personally selected the offerings he wished to make to Kensur Rinpoche and gave us an explanation about the significance of making these offerings to a highly-attained master like Kensur Rinpoche.

Among the items offered were:

  • flowers, symbolic of our wish to be able to create beautiful places to bring Dharma to others
  • special medicines to treat Kensur Rinpoche’s diabetes – by preserving Kensur Rinpoche’s life, we create the causes to be able to preserve and help others’ and our own lives to do more Dharma
  • photos of H.H. Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche – Kensur Rinpoche’s Guru – and other lineage masters. By doing so, we create the causes for ourselves to always be near to our Gurus
  • a mala, with the wish that our practice may be as perfect as Kensur Rinpoche’s
  • incense to create the causes for us to hold our vows purely
  • the Eight Auspicious Signs, a symbol of our prayers for the Lamas to continue turning the Wheel of Dharma
  • a Buddha image of the wealth protector, Vaishravana, with the prayer that by this offering, we may gain all spiritual wealth and attainments.

Left: Kensur Rinpoche gives Tsem Ladrang's Head Liaison JP Thong a blessing with his malaRight: Irene Lim of Kechara Oasis receiving a personal blessings from Kensur Rinpoche

Most importantly, Tsem Rinpoche advised that we should have a good and pure motivation. He explained we should think that by making these offerings on behalf of Tsem Rinpoche to his Guru, we may also create the causes to be always near our Guru in body, speech and mind and that we may always be able to practise the Dharma.

Kensur Rinpoche sharing advice with Kechara members and friends

Tsem Rinpoche explained also that making offerings to the Three Jewels can be a very powerful purification practice and a means for collecting merit. It is by the object which has great power (in this case, the Sangha), our good motivation and the action of Dharma work which makes it a very meritorious act.

13 of us then proceeded to Shakyamuni Centre in Old Klang Road where Kensur Rinpoche is residing during his one-month stay in Malaysia. After arranging the offerings, we went in for an audience with Kensur Rinpoche. Everyone made three prostrations before making the offerings; and we then each received a personal blessing from Kensur Rinpoche.

Kensur Rinpoche expressed that he rejoiced in the Dharma work that Kechara members were doing and he advised us to always practise refuge, from the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep in the evening.

He also advised us to practise Lama Tsongkhapa well, as we know this practice and to learn Tsongkhapa’s mantra well and recite it. Kensur Rinpoche further explained that we should recite Om Mani Peme Hung as often as we can.

Kechara members have a blessed moment with Kensur Rinpoche

Just being in the presence of Kensur Rinpoche was a blessing – to be able to meet and make offerings to our Guru’s Guru was a true honour that helped us forge an even closer link to our holy lineage Lamas and create the causes to attain the same level of practice that he has. As Tsem Rinpoche explained, even if we do not think about Enlightenment and attainments (for this may not be something we can conceive of at this time), it is a privilege enough to be in the presence of a pure and holy monk who has held vows to benefit others for almost his entire life.

An audience like this is inspiring not just for what it has brought us up until now, but for showing us that we can also attain that same very pure, exalted and deeply altruistic mind as the Lamas have.

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