Legend of the Conch Shell: A Spectacular Rehearsal

18 November 2009 - 7:35am Comments Off

A mere four weeks away, rehearsals for the Legend of the Conch Shell are now in full swing, having moved to the actual performance venue this past Sunday. Held at the PJ Live Arts Studio at Jaya One, those present in the studio were treated to one of the most spectacular performances in town, despite it only being a rehearsal…and not even a full dress rehearsal at that!

The energy was high and it was evident that the performers were fully committed to their roles, enjoying every second of their contribution to the play. For onlookers watching the rehearsals, it sent shivers down their spines just to imagine the performance when it hits the stage for the first time on 17th December 2009.

Choreographed by the play’s Director, Mr. Woon Fook Sen (a big name in the theatre scene!), he assured us that the best is yet to come…so we should go and watch the actual performance of the Legend of the Conch Shell, open to audiences from 17th to 19th December 2009.

To find out more details about the venue and showings of the play, check out the official website for Legend of the Conch Shell stage play (http://www.kechara.com/archive/legendoftheconchshell).

For ticket enquiries, please contact June Kang at +6012 639 8815.

For more information on the Tsongkhapa Play, please contact the coordinator of the play, Associate Liaison Kok Yek Yee at +6012 388 3390 or [email protected].

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