What The FLEA!

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No, this post is not about fleas… it’s about the latest, most happening topic – Kechara Forest Retreat’s FLEA MARKET!

The Super Team (also known as the Gift Team, consisting of Su Ming, William, Sock Wan, Karen and Carmen), held their very first flea market at the gift building on 4th October 2013. And my oh my was it eventful, fun, and exciting.

It all began from a small gathering with H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, when the team was organizing the Ladrang together with several of Rinpoche’s personal attendants. Just as they were about to call it a day, Rinpoche came up with the brilliant idea of starting a flea market so that the super team will be able to raise funds and sustain their department. Rinpoche decided to donate many of his personal items, Buddha statues, rare statues, paintings, thangkas, collectibles, prayer wheels, malas, photos, clothes and much more to raise funds through this flea market.

The team was awe-struck at the amount of items Rinpoche offered. They were appreciative, grateful and most of all, extremely excited, knowing that others were able to invite these precious, high quality and some rare items home for a super affordable price. Seriously, the original prices of several items were easily RM800 or more but they were sold for RM30-50 at the flea market. Yes! It is that cheap!

So on the flea market opening day, there were already people lining up before the sale began, so that they could be the first to rush in to grab what they could get hold of. Items were in good condition, and some were even brand new. By the end of the day, the Super Team was taken aback at how in demand the items were! Some people came back wanting for more. The Super Team managed to raise more than RM31,000 (that’s almost USD10,000) on their first day of the flea market, which is not bad and way beyond what anyone could have imagined. What great bargains were available and many people thoroughly enjoyed the shopping spree.

And that wasn’t it. Just last week, Rinpoche came up to the gift building to donate more things to the flea market. Rinpoche had a splendid time with the team; displaying the many items on the shelves, autographing many pictures and quotes, as well as personally and creatively drawing a fun sign to welcome everyone to the flea market.

They will be opening their doors again this Saturday, 12th October 2013 from 11am. If you can’t make it, you’ll be glad to know that this flea market will be ongoing at the Kechara Forest Retreat so keep your eyes peeled and ears open. Follow the Super Team and Rinpoche on social media to stay tune with What the FLEA!

PS. A message from The Super Team: We would like to thank everyone for your kind love, continued support and generosity. Thank you to those who donated more items for us to sell. More importantly, thank you to Rinpoche and our kind sponsors who have provided us the facility, building and maintenance to make all of this possible.

Don't know who's happier - the buyer or the seller

Kechara Forest Retreat's Flea Market - Conceptualized by Tsem Rinpoche.

Khoo and Helena leaving fast before they do more damage to their wallets.. hehe

lol..Before the opening of the flea market and after everyone's shopping spree!

Look at what Gim Lee managed to get for a steal!

Lovely posters, thangkas and framed pictures.

Many Dharma items for you to invite home at a very affordable price.

Rinpoche and the super team!

Rinpoche autographing some fabulous pictures. These are extremely precious and will be available at the flea market.

Rinpoche drawing and creating the sign to welcome all to the flea market.

Shopping is therapeutic...

Thank you for your tremendous love and support, Rinpoche!

The beginning of the sign to the Flea Market.

The queue on the opening day of the Flea Market.

Wah Ying is very happy with her purchase.

Wow, even Nicholas couldn't resist the many Dharma items from Rinpoche's personal collection..

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