The True Art of Giving Has A Rippling Effect…

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To define what true giving is, you have to determine what your intentions are. True giving comes from the heart and to truly give without an agenda or condition is perhaps the best kind of motivation.

It comes from genuinely wanting to help, thank or alleviate someone’s pain and make someone’s day.

There is a fine line in wanting to see someone happy because it gives us pleasure and merely wanting someone to be happy because everyone deserves to be. Both intentions produce the same ‘results’ in that the recipient is happy, but from the giver, the viewpoint differs. And therein lies the difference! Hence, true giving can create positive results like a droplet of water rippling across the lake.

Students who received gifts from Rinpoche

To truly see this ripple effect manifest in the most beneficial way, helping someone who truly walks the talk seems most logical. And who better to help than His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche who gives unconditionally.

As such, Tsem Ladrang has, on the occasion of Rinpoche’s birthday, come up with what we call the “Gift Wish List” which you can select from to offer to Rinpoche. This list incorporates the many diverse gifts that Rinpoche picks personally for students and or people living abroad where Dharma items are scarce or hard to source.

From your kind offerings, not only do you gain merit by offering it to Rinpoche, but double merit because the gift goes to benefit someone. It could be someone who is going through trauma, someone who is ill, someone who’s worked hard for the Dharma, or someone who needs blessings and inspiration. For whatever reasons it may be, this is an indirect act that you made in giving and benefiting someone. This is one way you can extend your compassion.

For some examples of how far-reaching such gifts can be in terms of distance and dharmic value, please read the following excerpts of letters sent in by people or testimonials and articles from our website.

I was overwhelmed when Wai Meng messaged me as follows: “Rinpoche has picked up some gifts and we will be sending it over. Rinpoche personally picked out the gifts for you.

I was speechless! I cant figure out what make me worthy hence His Eminence wud give me such blessings. Just in two days after that, the gift arrived! It’s the most lovely gifts I have ever had.

You gave such an elegant Lama Tsongkhapa pendant and wonderful pearl mala and many books plus DVDs. Receiving all those blessed gifts really touches me to learn and practice dharma more diligent, more consisten and more persistent.

Please accept my deepest gratitude dear Rinpoche. Your teachings, your love and care, have been extremely invaluable gifts for me and my kids. Ever since I knew you, my life is forever transformed… ~ From Betsy, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Words cannot describe my joy
and surprise at receiving your precious gifts, which arrived today!

I was not expecting such a lovely and large statue of Green Tara and the beautifully khata wrapped book. What special gifts! I will surely remember your generosity fondly each time I look at them. From the bottom of my heart: thank you. I look forward to reading your book Gurus For Hire. ~ Linda, Seattle, USA

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An extract from our website about a little boy named Kilhan

Kilhan’s recently received some gifts sent to him by Tsem Ladrang on behalf of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche. His mother Catherine was kind enough to send us photos of Kilhan looking mighty happy with his special gifts which included a wonderful Tsongkhapa thangka and a cap (well, he is a little boy after all!).

Kilhan has also mastered the mudra of offering a mandala. How did he do this? He read the Lama Tsongkhapa comic book and saw how to use the mala in amandala offering, and practised it by himself…we told you he had strong imprints!

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Gift Wish List:

1. Pendants:

  • 50x Buddha Pendants
  • 100x Tsongkhapa Pendants
  • 100x Manjushri Pendants
  • 100x  Tara Pendants (a mixture of Green and White Tara)

2. Statues:

  • 1x 3’ Dzambala Statue
  • 1x 3’ Manjushri Statue
  • 1x 3’ Tara Statue
  • 1x 3’ Medicine Buddha Statue
  • 5x 18″ Tsongkhapa Statues
  • 10x 8″ Tsongkhapa Statues
  • 10x 8″ Medicine Buddha Statues
  • 20x 8″ Buddha Statues
  • 10x 8″ Manjushri Statues
  • 10x 8″ Vajrayogini Statues

3. Thangkas (cash donations towards the production):

  • Tsongkhapa Thangkas
  • Green Tara Thangkas
  • White Tara Thangkas
  • Medicine Buddha Thangka
  • Dzambala Thangka
  • Manjushri Thangka
  • Dukkar Thangka
  • Setrap Thangka

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For PayPal account details, please contact Jean Ai (

Students who received gifts from Rinpoche

More gifts from Rinpoche

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