New Tsem Ladrang premises under renovation in Kuala Lumpur

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The current Tsem Ladrang (Tsem Rinpoche’s residence) is in two rented connecting houses. With the influx of more Ladrang staff and the amount of work being churned out, the premises are in no way able to house our necessities/work any longer. Since it is the headquarters of the 12 departments of KECHARA HOUSE, we need proper working spaces/offices/storeroom/rest area/guest rooms/audience room/Rinpoche’s private residence/meeting hall/dining hall/puja rooms/Tara Chapel.

New premises has been purchased and is under renovation under the direction of Tsem Ladrang Liaison JP Thong. It should complete within five more months. Do see the pictures below of the work in progress currently at our Kuala Lumpur Ladrang.

Tsem Rinpoche will have his private apartment quarters on the top of the building on the second floor while the ground and 1st floor are to be utilised by the hardworking and devoted staff of Tsem Ladrang for the above mentioned purposes.

It takes a special group of people who share Rinpoche’s vision to work in the Ladrang under the close and direct instructions of Rinpoche. This group of people or Ladrang staff have the special responsibility to oversee the 12 depts under the guidance of Rinpoche and also serve Rinpoche himself directly. The Ladrang Team deserves a special mention as they are literally ‘married’ to the job as Rinpoche will work at all hours and every day. Hence they have to be ready. In the distant future, they will be in charge of Tsem Rinpoche’s future incarnation recognition, education and continued Dharma work.

In the near future, when the holy tradition of Tsongkhapa has pervaded this region, the Ladrang team can be proud and rejoice that they have been part of this great historical undertaking having worked closely under Rinpoche. Like the great spiritual pioneers of the past, they are making Tsongkhapa’s tradition mainstream here in this region.

This team of pioneers in Tsem Ladrang have to compassionately forego many personal pursuits in order to work closely with Rinpoche to bring Dharma to the masses. They are able to forego because of their DEEP COMMITMENT TO THE DHARMA AND ITS BENEFITS. Hence “foregoing” isn’t seen as a sacrifice but an offering: an offering to all sentient beings. They can see the benefits of Dharma in their own lives and they kindly wish to share this with others. This feeds their drive, pushes their boundaries and binds them together as a group to make their lives useful by benefiting others via committing to the Ladrang.

Many great Lamas in the past were able to benefit many beings due to the hard work of the students in their individual ladrangs in the 1,000-year history of Tibetan Buddhism. For example, Trijang Rinpoche’s would be Trijang Ladrang, Zong Ladrang, etc, etc.

The Tsem Ladrang staff of 12 are committed although sometimes the ‘job’ is challenging. Nevertheless, it takes a special group of individuals to think Dharma 24 hours a day and work for others. And that is how the Ladrang staff have been thinking AND WORKING!

They are a dedicated group of students who believe in Rinpoche’s dreams as if it were their own. The age group of the Ladrang staff ranges from 20-65. They consist of professional people who are in business, engineers, hoteliers, marketing experts, web artists, IT professionals, physics majors, etc. They are not only people from Malaysia, but from New Zealand, Taiwan, Nepal and Tibet!!! What a varied and interesting group of people karmically joined to work in Tsem Ladrang under the direction of Tsem Rinpoche to bring Dharma to this region. Absolutely amazing!!!!! Look for pictures and information on the Ladrang staff in the near future.

This new Ladrang premises will be Tsem Rinpoche’s permanent quarters within the city and used for the 12 members of the Ladrang staff. This number is expected to increase in the near future as the work is expanding.

This type of Ladrang is traditional in the Monasteries and it is the first of its kind here in Malaysia. Tsem Rinpoche also has a Ladrang in Gaden Monastery but as he resides mostly in Malaysia, he has offered this Ladrang to his Guru to use. However, since then, Gaden Monastery has given Rinpoche another piece of land on lease where we hope to build another Tsem Ladrang in future. JP and the Ladrang team have also recently prepared a Tsem Ladrang in Kathmandu for Rinpoche’s use for retreats.

Much happiness to everyone,

P.S. with mumu (Rinpoche’s doggy) in the ladrang, the staff is actually 13…

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