Have Good Eyes, Win A Tiffany

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The media is often filled with images of pain, violence and sadness. Bad news sells, that’s undeniable. This contest for photographers ran from the 8th of February 2012 to 9th of March 2012.

Essentially it seeks “THE GOOD EYES” from the photographers, encouraging them to capture scenes of kindness and good virtue through their camera lenses. Through these photos and quotes, we hope to project good images of the surroundings and people that are around the photographer.

This contest was inspired by and organised in honour of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, who works tirelessly to benefit people and animals. Throughout his entire life, His Eminence has never given up on people.

In this contest, the participants were required to take a picture of a person doing a virtuous, good and positive action for someone else or animals and provide a quote of not more than 30 words. The photos were be uploaded to the contest application on H.E Tsem Rinpoche’s fanpage. The submission for photos was open from Feb 08 – March 3, 2012. Voting period was ran from 4 – 9 March 2012. This contest is open to Facebook’s users.

The Grand prize winner received to a Tiffany necklace worth USD$2200. Other special prizes included Dharma books published by Kechara’s publishing house.

The Grand Prize winner was Yap Wai Leong and the winning photo was taken in India, depicting a mother breastfeeding her child while taking care of her other children.

The other 3 special prizes went to Sean Lee, who had his dog act as an entertainer to cheer up the old folks in an old folks home; Franco Renu, for his photo on saving a crow, where he actually treated crows that were shot by MPPJ and left to struggle and die; and the final special prize went to Chris Tan, his photo was monkeys caring for one another.

Congratulations to all winners!

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