Advancing onto a meaningful journey

7 April 2011 - 2:08pm 2 Comments

Carmen Koo, a quiet and sensitive girl has been involved with Kechara since 2007, when she began volunteering at Kechara Soup Kitchen which distributes food to the homeless and urban poor in Malaysia and Indonesia. Her introduction to Kechara was through her best friend Khong Jean Mei, who is a Kechara member of staff well as a student of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche.

It was not until 2010 that Carmen had the opportunity to meet Rinpoche when she attended the Lamrim Retreat with Jean Mei. Carmen remembers it as an especially memorable experience, particularly when Rinpoche gave a talk about imprints. Compelled to get more involved, when the opportunity arose to work on Rinpoche’s biography project, Carmen grabbed it.

The moment Carmen (in purple) met Rinpoche

Since the day she became connected with Kechara, Carmen says she has always felt comfortable mixing with other Kechara members, so much so that she decided to advance her career by joining Kechara as a full-time member of staff. A graduate from Australia with a degree in Food Science, Carmen is now a part of the e-Division, as the personal assistant of the division’s head Ooi Beng Kooi.

Finding the Dharma meaningful, Carmen is thrilled at the opportunity to do this and simultaneously pursue her spiritual goals. Proud of her transformation since meeting Rinpoche and Kechara, Carmen admits, “I used to be very much attached to people, friends and materials goods; I am now still attached to them, but now I realise all these attachments are not really important so I have cut down a lot.”

She expressed her gratitude to have Rinpoche and Kechara in her life. “Dharma and Rinpoche have given me a foundation to understand life,” Carmen expressed, saying that she is now a less angry person, having gained a lot of peace and happiness instead.

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  1. Carmen is a funny warm-hearted girl, always cheerful and ready to help. Am happy she has found meaning and home in Kechara & Dharma work. :) She will definitely bring benefit to many others.

  2. Congratulations Carmen and welcome to the Kechara family :)