A portrait of the most personal kind

26 March 2011 - 2:42am Comments Off

About ten years ago, when His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche was in Kathmandu, Nepal with a few close students, they chanced upon a painted thangka of His Holiness the Panchen Lama.

Students with deep guru devotion often commission thangkas of their teachers, and use such paintings as the main image on their altars. Inspired by the image of the Panchen Lama, one of Rinpoche’s students, Dato’ Eric Tan, wished to commission the same of Rinpoche. He requested Rinpoche for permission, and Rinpoche agreed.

So the group walked into one of the best thangka shops in Thamel, where Rinpoche advised the artists on the placement and style of the deities to appear in the painting. After the order was placed, the group left the shop. Little did Rinpoche know, however but Dato’ Eric ran back into the shop.

It is a common Chinese belief that lamas of larger physical stature signify prosperity and success. As Rinpoche was quite skinny at the time, Dato’ Eric asked the thangka artists to paint Rinpoche with a more corpulent figure…strangely enough, Rinpoche said, the resulting image seems quite up-to-date today!

Our Guru is the person who gives us access to the Dharma, so it is our Guru whom we should hold most supreme amongst the Three Jewels. He is our Buddha, and he is our Sangha; to have a traditional painting of our Lama is considered to be highly auspicious, and a marker of great guru devotion.

The original thangka painted in Nepal now hangs in Dato’ Eric’s home. However, reproductions have been made from photographs taken of the original version. It is these reproductions which e-Division is offering to you to invite home.

Tasked with developing Rinpoche and Kechara’s online presence, the e-Division’s work encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities, from social media to network set-up, from copywriting to systems design and implementation, from web design to print media design.

Thus the e-Division’s work reaches beyond the borders to Malaysia, to bring the Dharma all around the world.

As a subsidiary of Tsem Ladrang, the e-Division is fully reliant on public support to keep the team running. It is only through these contributions that our work can continue…from our own websites, to Twitter, to Facebook, to YouTube, to our own live-streaming channel – it is the e-Division’s aim to utilise any online means to promote Rinpoche, Kechara and the Dharma.

Please help us to make this possible by supporting our work, and inviting home one of these images! Uniquely traditional and available nowhere else, this thangka is a limited opportunity to have in your home a portrait of the most personal kind – an image of Rinpoche, advised by him and as seen by those closest to him…just click HERE for more information!

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