Kechara Oasis Turns One!

27 January 2010 - 4:22pm Comments Off

From an unknown new-kid-on-the-block vegetarian restaurant to the talk of town for its superb ambience and exquisite cuisine, Kechara Oasis (KO) has come a long way since its opening last year on 23rd January 2009.

From morning to night, Kechara Oasis was packed with people taking advantage of the 50% discount off the whole menu

The past year has been filled with positive reviews from the many food critics who have come to partake in the delicious food. From popular food blogs to online magazines, KO has also made its appearance in Malaysia’s premier food review website, Malaysia’s premier business magazine, Malaysian Business and Malaysian Airlines’ in-flight magazine, Going Places.

On the left, the Director of Kechara Oasis Irene Lim, enjoys lunch with her family

Apart from offering vegetarian cuisine, KO’s innovative kitchen crew have ventured into other areas such as delicious vegetarian cakes and cookies, to festival specialties such as mooncakes. Since its opening last year, KO has hosted many wedding banquets, corporate functions, press conferences and of course, most Kechara events.

It has been a busy and exciting year for KO!

Liaison Paul Yap (left) and Liaison Ooi Beng Kooi (right) dine with their family and friends

For its First Year Anniversary on 23rd January 2010, KO offered a 50% discount off their menu to all diners, in appreciation of its loyal customers and to encourage more people to dine with them. On this memorable day, KO was packed to the brim with many people taking the opportunity to introduce their family and friends to a healthy and delicious alternative to meat.

Scroll down for more photos of happy diners!

If you would like to see what the fuss is all about at Kechara Oasis, please contact Kechara Oasis directly at +603 7968 1818 or 0128188384 (Jimmy Tan).

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