KECHARA makes its debut in Thamel

9 May 2009 - 4:57am Comments Off

Loh Seng Piow (left) and Beng Kooi (right)

From Liaison Ooi Beng Kooi in Kathmandu

We got our hands on the banner promoting Kechara House over the weekend, designed by Liaison Joy and Justin. Rinpoche did a special black tea, that our Kechara organisation will grow huge and benefit many people, and that our marketing efforts here in Kathmandu will be successful. Immediately after this auspicious prayer, Liaisons Su Ming, Loh Seng Piow and BK hung the banner from a prominent building in Thamel (on the 4th floor).

As most of you know, Thamel is THE place in Kathmandu where foreign visitors and tourists from all over the world stay, eat, drink, make merry, go shopping, or just simply hang out. Unlike the rest of the city, the streets are full of people until late into the night. Shops and bars stay open and busy until 10pm. So it is the ideal place to start making Rinpoche and Kechara House famous!

Our banner is HUGE – 6m x 2.5m – and even hangs down partway to the floor below. Directly across the way is a rooftop cafe-restaurant-bar on the third floor where many tourists stop for lunch and dinner. As you can see, our website addresses are clearly visible. Let’s hope that there will be many more hits from people discovering Rinpoche and Kechara for the 1st time!

Kechara Banner

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