W.O.A.H Camp by Kechara Sunday Dharma School

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W.O.A.H Camp was the first ever children’s holiday camp (ages 8 to 12) organised by Kechara’s Sunday Dharma School. It was a 2D1N camp at Kechara Forest Retreat (KFR) where students learnt to be appreciative, independent, disciplined and have a sense of gratitude through fun learning activities in nature. The camp was facilitated by five coaches and 15 assistants to guide the children.

19th December 2015

Bright and early on a Saturday morning, the teachers and participants gathered at Kechara Care Lounge before taking off to our camp site. Soon after, the participants made their way up to Kechara Forest Retreat in each of the respective teachers’ cars.

After visiting their rooms in KFR, they all sat in a circle for an introduction session with speeches given by the head of the Sunday Dharma School, Pastor Adeline and Head Coach, Anna followed by an explanation of the house rules. By then, we had many growling tummies which meant morning snack time!

After snack time, the participants were assigned a new task- to figure out a team name! To add to the fun, each group was invited to present their chosen name to everyone else, their masterpiece! Or maybe we should call it, master mind.

Next, it was time to get dirty with mother nature by designing their own flower pots!

Soon, it was lunch time! Scrumptious and healthy vegetarian food was prepared by our very own kitchen team. To begin the next session, there were several team building activities to break the ice between the participants because friends are one of the survival essentials when you are at camp! It was then followed by another knowledge session- “Appreciation of Mother Nature”.

As the late afternoon approached and the sun was low, it was time for some water balloon outdoor activities! It was another series of team building activities but it meant water war between the teams. The participants had tons of fun and water too!

The participants then proceeded to take turns washing up and rest in their rooms. After every meal, the participants would clean their used plates and cutleries.

Dinner was followed by a short knowledge session on “Filial Piety”. The participants had a discussion among themselves, guided by assistant coaches, on ways to appreciate their parents. Along with the session, each participant was given a candle to light at the Lama Tsongkhapa altar. A prayer was guided by Pastor Adeline before they went back indoors once again for the final activity of the day – guided meditation. By 10pm, it was lights out for all participants to end the fun-filled day.

20th December 2015

By 6:45 in the morning, everyone was up and about, filling their tummies with nutritious food to start the day before they left for a morning exploration with nature!

The participants were first brought to Rinpoche’s cabin to pay their respects, followed by a walk at Tara Walk. They all walked in their respective groups and were guided by our coaches through a walking exercise.

After another round of re-energising themselves with some sweet potato porridge, it was time for a classic team building activity – a treasure hunt! This one was a little special as the teams were to hunt for their lunch ingredients then prepare them too. It seemed like they all enjoyed the process of preparing their own lunch!

In no time, with a little more help from our volunteer teachers cum cooks, lunch was served! It was grilled vegetables with aglio olio pasta where the participants were able to add their own flavourings to the food.

For our last camp session, the participants were guided to make their very own DIY jar filled with love notes for their parents! What seemed like a very simple activity brought out the creative and loving side of the kids!

To close such an eventful camp, there was an awards ceremony and sharing session. The participants voiced their experiences during their time spent in camp; even the teachers expressed themselves! As for the awards ceremony, little gifts were given out and special awards like “Best Group Name” were given!

After several group pictures were taken, the children packed and made their beds and it was time to head back home to Kechara House where they were picked up by their parents.

They all enjoyed the W.O.A.H. camp but most importantly, they brought home with them the knowledge they learnt during the camp – to be more appreciative, disciplined and grateful.

This little guy was tired! We even heard from our teachers that the other kids were sleeping on the way back too! Hehe!

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