They Started Their First Step of The Path…

13 April 2012 - 7:50pm Comments Off

On Saturday 7 April 2012, Kechara conducted its first Refuge Briefing Class for 2012 with 45 aspiring and sincere Dharma practitioners at our beautiful Gompa. The class was conducted in English by Pastor Susan together with Abby Foo as the Chinese translator. Pastor Susan gave an explanation on the 10 Refuge Vows, the 12 Refuge Commitments, the benefit of holding vows and the importance of having a Spiritual Guide.

Kechara has been conducting Refuge Briefing Classes since 2011, usually at least a month prior to Wesak Day or Lama Tsongkhapa Day.

Participants listen to briefing attentively

Taking refuge is a major milestone for any aspirant Dharma practitioner as it involves receiving and holding Refuge Vows. The Refuge Briefing Class is conducted to educate aspirant Dharma practitioners on the meaning, benefits and commitments involved in taking refuge. The importance of having a Spiritual Guide and “One Lama, One Centre” concept is also explained to those who are new to the Vajrayana tradition.

Those who attended the Refuge Briefing Class commented that the class was well conducted and meaningful. They are determined to start holding refuge vows now and are inspired to be “better Buddhists”.

Please note that Refuge Briefing Classes are for educational purposes only. It does not indicate that Kechara will hold a Refuge Ceremony. However we would notify interested parties when it is confirmed that a Refuge Ceremony will be held.

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