My Wedding Story

by Tiffany Ong

20 May 2015 - 9:11pm Comments Off

Every girl’s dream is to have a fairy-tale wedding and I guess I’m no different from other girls. I met my husband almost two years back and we decided to tie the knot not long after. He proposed and everything seemed surreal. But before we planned further, we needed a location to register our marriage (ROM). We thought a lot about where we wanted to conduct our ROM as we wanted our memorable day to be perfect and special. We thought about having our ROM in a beautiful garden or on the beach, we thought of having it in hotels and also temples; basically, we thought about every possible venue under the sun! Everything went through our mind and thank god my husband (Winson) wasn’t that particular, he has the virtue of patience and knew that finding a beautiful place was important to me.

I thought a lot about it for months and I wanted something different. I wanted something modern but also I didn’t want to forget where I come from, which is as a Chinese-born Buddhist. I always had faith in my religion and that’s what eventually made me and my husband decide to have our ROM in a temple. A temple is a very sacred place, a very holy place. A place where you will feel the presence of a higher being, which is the Buddha. And for the Buddha to witness and bless my marriage, to me, is very blessed and auspicious.

During the course of searching for a place to register my marriage up to the point where I decided to have it in a temple, I found out that Kechara, a Buddhist organisation established by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, offered such services. I got to know about H.E. Tsem Rinpoche from his Buddhist teachings on YouTube. When I first came across Rinpoche’s videos, I developed a lot of faith in Rinpoche and immediately I knew that Rinpoche is the Guru I wanted to follow. After a lot of research, I finally visited Kechara in Sunwaymas to enquire about the marriage registration services they provide. To my surprise, the service provided by Kechara was very reasonable, and to have my friends and family bless and witness my marriage in such a modern and beautiful temple is a gift.

To be honest, while planning for my ROM in Kechara, I was actually worried about how the day’s events would unfold. I have no experience in event planning but like every bride-to-be, I wanted my ROM to be perfect because it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As the days passed, I would frequently call and check with the person in-charge, Jerry, and he would always kindly and patiently assure me that everything was going fine. Finally, on the day before my ROM, Jerry sent me pictures of the venue, completely set up and arranged. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked how beautiful everything was and I couldn’t wait for my special day to come.

On that morning, when my husband-to-be and I arrived in Kechara, our guests were already there waiting for us. Volunteers in Kechara had helped with the preparation of food and the ushering of guests. I thought it was great that our guests were well taken care of, because it was a really busy day and I was not able to attend to all my guests personally. Not long after our arrival, we were ushered into a private room where our marriage registration was performed by Pastor Chia. Then, I was handed my wedding bouquet which was prepared by Kechara Blooms. It was so beautiful and it surpassed my expectations!

After we were pronounced husband and wife, we were ushered to the main prayer hall (Gompa) to receive blessings as a newly wedded couple by Pastor Adeline. There, we exchanged rings after reciting our vows and offered candles to the Buddhas. I am glad that the first thing we did as husband and wife was such a meritorious deed and that our family and friends were present to share this memorable and blessed experience.

After a photo session, we went for a tea break in Kechara Lounge just next to the main office. Again, such modern, beautiful, and cozy décor in the lounge. And then it was time to bid farewell. I was very glad that not only was my special day beautiful, but my guests were also very happy and well taken care of throughout the whole event. Thank you to everyone who came for our ROM, and not forgetting everyone who was involved in making the event a memorable success.

I would definitely say that it was a wonderful experience for me to be blessed in Kechara for the next step in life with my husband. I am thankful that Rinpoche has provided the community with such modern services and a beautiful place. I am truly thankful for everything I have. Thank you.

Xoxo :)

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