Join our Medicine Buddha statues auction on 9 July!

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What do you do when a great opportunity knocks on your door? Do you grab it or turn your back on it? If meeting Dharma and H.E. Tsem Rinpoche has benefited you, you would definitely want to continue reading to find out what we have to offer…

The Gift Team is presenting you a chance to own a beautiful Medicine Buddha statue from Rinpoche’s personal collection through our upcoming auction. THERE ARE 7 MEDICINE BUDDHA STATUES UP FOR GRABS. Do not miss this opportunity to own a piece of Tsem Rinpoche’s blessed collection of statues!

Here are some reasons why you should join us!

The Buddha of Healing is excellent for:

  • Helping us with medical and health problems
  • Reducing and preventing natural disasters by calming the land and environment, and also within your own homes
  • Blessing our beloved animals. It is one of the best mantras to recite for them!
  • Blessing your deceased pet with a good rebirth
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the medication that you are taking.
  • Preventing, lessening or curing the effect of our inner, outer and psychological diseases

Why must you own these statues?

  • Kindly donated by Tsem Rinpoche from his personal collection – limited numbers only!
  • They have been consecrated by High Lamas from the monastery through a Soongdrup & Rabney puja
  • They have been inserted and filled with Tsem Rinpoche’s blessed items, mantras and holy relics
  • Having a Medicine Buddha image or statue near our pet will plant great imprints in their mindstream for a good rebirth.
  • Seven successful bidders will each receive a COMPLIMENTARY Medicine Buddha puja done in dedication to their good health and long life at Kechara’s Puja House
  • Lastly…you will greatly contribute to the operations of Tsem Ladrang’s gift department and its growing works to support the vision and works of Tsem Rinpoche and Kechara.

Where do the funds go?

All the funds raised will go directly to Tsem Ladrang for its operations and support the works of Tsem Rinpoche.

** All 7 statues will be displayed at Kechara House from 30 June onwards until Auction day. You can view these statues and everyone is welcome to put in their bidding price during this period. Final bidding will be on 9 July 2014, 11 pm on Rinpoche’s BLOG CHAT session. See you there!

Terms & Conditions apply.

Contact The Gift Section for more information.

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