East meets West for Jamyang’s residents

24 December 2010 - 6:33am Comments Off

If there is one thing that unites people across cultures, it is the role that food and family reunions play in celebrating festivals. Two festivals, from different cultures, which demonstrate this perfectly are the Chinese winter solstice festival and Christmas, both falling within days of each other in 2010!

Taking advantage of this union of beliefs last weekend were Jamyang House’s residents, who gathered some Kechara members and their families for a fun winter solstice-cum-Christmas Eve celebration. Around a vegetarian steamboat and tangyuan (glutinous rice balls), the dinner was also in appreciation of those who have dedicated their time and effort to support Kechara’s activities.

Nyom nyom! Steamboat attack!

Dedicated Kechara volunteer Mr Lam kindly prepared most of the ingredients for steamboat as well as the tangyuan. His sons Jutika and Pavara, volunteer Patsy Lee and Han Siew Fong (Head of Kechara InMotion) were there to lend a hand with the mass of steamboat ingredients, and the tangyuan filled with palm sugar…it was so delicious, the sweet treats will be remembered for Dong Zhi festivals to come!

To have the opportunity spend some time together before the end of 2010 is something to be celebrated. May everybody have a fruitful and spiritually-rich New Year ahead!

Mmmm so much good food...

The eating continued all night long...a good opportunity for everyone to take it easy, catch up and relax!

Working together has fostered a close relationship

Anna Tan and her husband Yam with the youngest Kecharian, Marici!

Kien Wong is in a playful mood with Mr Lam's son, Pavara

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