Dining for peace

22 July 2010 - 3:47pm 2 Comments
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... while Chris from Kechara InMotion was filming the entire event!

Liz from Jia Yu channel was one of the many media representatives at the charity dinner auction, interviewing Julia Tan, the vice-president of Kechara Soup Kitchen...

... and Datuk May Phng, the President of Kechara House

Special kiosks displaying excerpts from Rinpoche’s blog were set up along the entire hall way… The e-Division crew worked super hard on this kiosk and it’s designs.

These blog kiosks were extremely popular with the public!

Just before the dinner commenced, guests shout WORLD PEACE!

The celebrity hosts of the evening were Owen Yap and Hoong Jia Hui

Seated at the main table (from left to right):
Henry Ooi – Director of Kechara Paradise
Sharon Saw of Kechara Media & Publications
Ruby Khong – President of Kechara Soup Kitchen
Datuk Dr. Victor Wee – the Patron of Kechara Soup Kitchen
Datuk May Phng – President of Kechara House
Datin Ng – Executive Committee Member for Kechara World Peace Centre
Phng Li Kim – CEO of Kechara Media & Publications
Paul Yap – Head of Kechara Discovery and Kechara Saraswati Arts

President of Kechara House, our esteemed Datuk May Phng gives the opening speech.

... which was followed by a moving video about Kechara

First up was a lucky draw for a 29in LCD television, with the winning ticket drawn by KMP CEO Phng Li Kim.

2 Responses to Dining for peace

  1. What is heartfelt and so encouraging is the number of new faces among the crowd of familiar faces then… and now appearing in our activities – all just after one week! I am sure more will turn up!

    Who are these people? People from all walks of life, kindred with goodwill and enthusiasm to support Kechara and all activities. Their positive motion did not stop with just donations, the tickets buying, but continue with coming in, learning and touching base with us by participation, lending us the much needed hands and sharing.

    And that’s the positive response we get – through everyone’s kindness and generosity for not just putting on a fantastic show but embracing and living the dream in our hearts, thus making it a reality, steadily and surely.

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