Clarity in 2011: Obstacle-Removing Setrap Retreat

19 January 2011 - 5:08pm 5 Comments

Start the new Year of the Rabbit with all the right energy of clarity, wisdom and protection. We can never be sure what’s around the corner for us and while we may not be able to entirely change situations, we can certainly do something to make it more positive and bring better results. Invite the blessings of protection, and clear the way for good things to come into your life for 2011 and the future with Kechara.

As advised by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, Kechara House is organising an Obstacle-Removing Setrap Retreat for 2011. This is a very powerful practice for us to clear our own personal obstacles for the year and invite great blessings, prosperity and protection for our loved ones. At the same time, by joining this retreat, you will also contribute to creating a tremendous amount of positivity and merit for the growth of Kechara’s many departments, Dharma works and activities. For every person who will meet and benefit from Kechara, it is YOU who has made this possible. Imagine all the positive merit that comes back to you from that!

At a 2009 Setrap puja in the old Kechara House 2

The retreat will include a collective accumulation of:

  • 200,000 serkyem offerings to Setrap
  • 200,000 recitations of Setrap’s kawang / kanshag
  • 2 million Setrap mantras

The retreat will be divided into four sessions from March to August, as detailed below. Everyone is encouraged to join all or any of the sessions.  It is open to anyone to join and no initiations are required to do these pujas, so do encourage your friends and family to participate too for a very blessed and successful new year!

Friends who live abroad are also welcome to join the retreat and contribute their count towards the collective recitations. Please contact Tan Gim Lee (details below) for further information.

Retreat Dates
1st session 7th to 13th March
2nd session 6th to 12th June
3rd session 27th June to 3rd July
4th session 1st to 7th August

To join the retreat, or for more information, please register your name with Tan Gim Lee +603 7803 3908 or +6017 620 6193.

5 Responses to Clarity in 2011: Obstacle-Removing Setrap Retreat

  1. hi there .my name is eric .and i would like to attend the retreat on march .what are the thing that i need to do

    • Hi Eric,
      The retreat is not yet open for registration. Keep watching the website for more news on how you can participate or you can call Gim Lee (+603 7803 3908 or +6017 620 6193) for more information also. In the meantime, please do join our weekly Setrap puja every Monday (English) or Tuesday (Chinese) at 8pm to familiarise yourself with the Setrap puja.

  2. Hi

    How is the retreat schedule like daily? 4 sessions?

  3. my name is Alvin, i am a member of Kechara less than 3 mths ago,i have attended the Setrap puja last few mondays i would like to join the March Retreat let me have more details when its available Plse give mine sincere thank you to our Guru Tsem Rinpoche for this opportunity