Building a Dorje Shugden Chapel for Bentong

15 September 2016 - 10:39am Comments Off

1 September 2016 goes down in history as the day Kechara performed a ground breaking ceremony at Bentong Wealth God Temple, marking the beginning of a Dorje Shugden chapel for the people of Bentong.

The chapel will be 16-feet wide and 10-feet long and situated within the premises of the Wealth God Temple, where local Bentong folk and visitors to the Wealth God Temple will be able to pay homage to Dorje Shugden and have their wishes be fulfilled.

Before the ceremony began at 10:30am, the puja team led by Pastor Kok Yek Yee made offerings of food, incense and candles according to Chinese tradition. Mr. Lee, the President of the temple then led the team to the location where the ground breaking ceremony was to occur. At 10:30am, ceremony officially began and the hoes touched the ground to symbolise an auspicious start to the Dorje Shugden Chapel that will benefit countless locals and visitors to the temple.

This is also another milestone for Kechara in Bentong, after the first Dorje Shugden procession on 8 August 2016, where over 5000 Bentong residents participated.

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