A hall for the future

11 August 2010 - 10:29am 1 Comment

On 9 August 2010, the Kechara Gompa Committee (KGC) had our second meeting with the architects, respective consultants and contractors to firm up a timeline for the renovation of our new gompa. I learned a whole new vocabulary such as dry wall partitions, M&E, U.B. Beams and aluminum fins! We also looked at quotations for the renovation and budget, which will be finalised over the next few days before work starts.

The schedule for the renovation looks exciting – due to the tight timeline, there will be many things happening simultaneously.

As with everything in Kechara, this renovation will be on superspeed and at top quality! The next two months will be very busy (and a little noisy) in SunwayMas, but it’s all for an excellent purpose – to provide a special space to benefit others so keep your eyes peeled for more news!

Datuk May seems very pleased with the results.

The Gompa Committee deep in discussion

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