2015 Dharma School Graduation Day

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To commemorate the last semester of the year, the teachers of Kechara’s Sunday Dharma School prepared a graduation ceremony for the children. Graduation marks a special time where children are congratulated for achieving one of the many milestones in their lives. Every student played an active role in bringing together this special event. The entire process took roughly four months, as it wasn’t an easy task to execute.

The students practised every Sunday during class to perfect their performances and each child was given the opportunity to display their unique skills as well as discover individual talents that they were previously unaware of. The event brought out a variety of performances, from singing and playing musical instruments to acting.

As Kechara’s Sunday Dharma School’s students are aged between 2 to 17, teenagers gladly volunteered as helpers during the event itself alongside the teachers. No one was left out. Big or small, every role was equally as important as the others and was given similar levels of attention. It was evident that everyone’s goal was to make the event a success, and it would not have been possible without the collective can-do attitude from both teachers and students.

On the day of the event, everyone was ready to put their hard work into action. Costumes, lights, soundtracks and props were brought on that day to highlight the performances. After the performances were done, our President Datuk May Phng and the Head of Education were invited to present the children with their certificates of achievement.

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A group photo in celebration of such a wonderful day

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