Jewel of The South

13 May 2010 - 9:21pm Comments Off

Greetings from Kechara Paradise! We were recently in Johor’s Kechara Southern Jewel Chapel (KSJC) for a roadshow, to help bring people closer to Kechara and also introduce them to our centre down south. We had a screening of The Legend of the Conch Shell (, shared testimonials from members, and joined in doing a Setrap puja together.

The KSJC Committee help to unpack

Committee members of KSJC lent a helping hand throughout the event, from the cleaning and setting up, to introducing and explaining the role of the department to the newcomers. Their efforts were not in vain – in a chapel filled with fragrant jasmine flowers offered to Dzambala, the Buddha of Wealth, many people made pearl offerings.

The book display, before and after!

It was no surprise that the later screening of The Legend of the Conch Shell DVD was so well-received – fresh from having won five Boh Cameronian Arts Awards, the audience asked whether the DVD was for sale. Speaking of DVDs, free DVDs and brochures about Kechara were also given out to the newcomers…

It was a day full of offerings because May Woo, one of Kechara Paradise’s staff, offered Setrap and White Tara tsa tsas to everyone! She also made an offering of Tsök to Setrap, dedicating it to the growth of the Setrap chapel in order for his practice and Dharma to grow in KSJC – a very meritorious way to benefit more people!

The pendant display, before and after!

Even the bad weather couldn’t prevent people from coming to KSJC. Some came from Singapore, Batu Pahat, and various other places to invite wealth vases, beautiful pendants and statues into their homes, and we hope that the road show benefited more people in bringing them closer to Dharma.

Everything you could want for your practice!

Chia explaining Vajrayogini

The day was not just about buying and selling, but about learning the Dharma

Making offerings to the King of Dharma, Lama Tsongkhapa

Learning how to make pearl offerings, and the benefits of doing so

Happy invitees of a wealth vase!

Captivated by the awe-inspiring legend that is Lama Tsongkhapa

A beautiful way to end a beautiful weekend, with a Setrap puja

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