Inviting Setrap Home

3 February 2010 - 8:32pm Comments Off

Remember this picture? Published in conjunction with the Grand Setrap & Dzambala Puja?

Well, they were unveiled at the Grand Setrap & Dzambala Puja where all 108 statues, blessed by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, were displayed for everyone to admire and invite home.

Some of the statues at the Grand Setrap & Dzambala Puja

If you weren’t at the Puja and didn’t catch a glimpse of what the statues look like, check them out here, for your viewing pleasure!

Setrap statues are very rare and when you do find an iconographically-accurate one, it is usually much too large for you to display properly at home…after all, many of us do not have space for three-foot statues!

That’s why THESE statues are so special! Created by Kechara Discovery, they are ONLY 18″ in size and therefore can be displayed with great ease at home. These statues are also a great physical representation of Kechara House’s dharma protector, being accurate due to Rinpoche’s advice and Liaison Paul Yap’s hard work.

Invite one home with you today! Visit your nearest Kechara Paradise outlet now or go to! Also coming soon to the Kechara eShop.


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