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A dialogue between His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and world-renowned healer Anne Jones

7 October 2010 - 12:45am 1 Comment

Last Sunday saw a historical meeting between His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche and world-renowned healer and author Anne Jones. Anne had been introduced to Kechara and Rinpoche by Liaison Jamie Khoo and her mother Datin Jennifer. After having read many of Rinpoche’s books and Jamie’s own book, Call Me Paris, Anne was intrigued to learn more from Rinpoche. Along with Anne, Datin Jennifer herself (who is also a healer) and four other friends also attended the audience – famous local artist Renee Kraal, another healer from Kajang Paru and her husband Bala, and a close family friend Ching.

The group take a precious photo with Rinpoche

Before the audience, the group was given a tour of Tsem Ladrang and hosted to a sumptuous dinner prepared by the Ladrang’s excellent kitchen. We are very proud and happy to have been able to welcome and host such a wonderful group of people who do much work to bring happiness, healing and transformation to others.

The healers then proceeded to meet with Rinpoche. For the first time in Kechara history, Kechara’s Spiritual Guide was meeting with a group of new-age practitioners and healers who have been creating waves of benefit and healing in their own right. This evening, Anne in particular spoke on behalf of the group, sharing their views on spirituality. The group also had the opportunity to ask many questions they had about spirituality, healing and compassion which were all patiently and kindly answered by Rinpoche.

All healers in their own way

Many aspects of spirituality were covered in the two-hour conversation, including insights into compassion, unconditional love, working for the benefit of others and the different methods of teaching, healing and helping others. Though the methods vary, the motivation and the foundation of these ladies’ practices are based very much in what Rinpoche has taught for many years now. The similarities in views that arose during the dialogue were evidence enough that Dharma is a universal truth that will arise as long as your heart and motivation is in the right place.

Towards the end of the dialogue, Rinpoche gave a short but very inspiring explanation about the history and legend of Buddha Tara – very relevant as all the healers were ladies and radiate a very Tara-like healing energy wherever they go! Just before they left, Rinpoche gifted each of them a Tara pendant and statue, as a reminder to them of their healing power and work.

After the audience, the healers all described the experience of meeting Rinpoche as “overwhelming”. Datin Jennifer now refers to the audience as “the highlight of the century”. They shared that the audience has helped all of them to move up to the next level in their own personal practice as well as in their healing work.

Watch the full insightful dialogue below or click here to watch on YouTube.

Jamie and her mother Datin Jennifer with Rinpoche

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  1. Thanks Rinpoche for your help you give, I working hard on Tara mantras I will put my life together and make my dharma activity happen, it’s nice to know a great lama like you.