Gompa update – 27 August 2010

1 September 2010 - 4:06am Comments Off

If any of you have been walking by Kechara Care or Kechara House 2, you will see that work has been going on non-stop at the new gompa. Building is going at a cracking pace…as you can see from the photos, walls and columns have begun to come up and the site is starting to take shape!

Cement and sand bricks are lifted up to the 1st floor

Brick walls on our ground floor are taking shape

The steel door jambs have been delivered

Good thing our contractor Mr Ng knows how to use a leveling instrument!

The erection of steel support columns for our roof trusses in progress

A completed room awaits plastering

Columns for the new staircase are ready to receive concrete

These are the lightweight concrete blocks that have been hoisted up at the 1st floor

Step up to Kechara! Another view of our new staircase, ready for concreting

Our timber door frames have also been delivered!

Structural steel supporting frames to receive roof trusses in progress

The new gompa is quickly taking shape!
Lifting steel columns into place

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