Gift-Giving, Darshain-Style!

6 October 2009 - 11:33am Comments Off

Darshain, the longest and most important festival in Nepal, signifies a ‘day of victory over the demon’. Practically all Nepalese take this festive season very seriously indeed, making the most of the occasion with days-long celebration, merry-making, feasting and of course, visits to the many holy temples scattered throughout the country.

Errr.... how many trolleys do we have?

In the spirit of Darshain, representatives of Rinpoche and Kechara went on a burst of festive gift-giving to our close Nepalese friends – a mark of our appreciation and friendship. Our three unsung heroes in Kathmandu – Su Ming, David and Kennie somehow bought and delivered the rather large quantity of groceries and other necessities listed below:

Good thing we have a large van!

  • 390 kgs of rice
  • 270 kgs of black and yellow dhall
  • 40 bottles of cooking oil
  • 150 kgs of Atta flour
  • 46 packs of sugar
  • 46 packs of masala powder
  • powdered milk & tea
  • detergent

Travelling (at a crawl!) through the narrow streets of Kathmandu in a large van, the trio went from store to store and aisle to aisle until they had accumulated what was necessary, to the amazement and delight of the bored storekeepers. Imagine 18 supermarket trolleys piled high with sacks of rice, dhall and various other items and you start to get an idea of the large scale of shopping involved! Even the loading and unloading of the van proved tricky at times with items piled on top of one another!

Gifts for Krishna, Raj Kumar and their families

However, all the effort was worthwhile to see the somewhat-embarrased, happy, smiling faces of our Nepalese friends as the gifts were delivered to them one by one. Festival season is truly was an opportunity for inter-cultural celebration and yet another chance to practise generosity starting with the people around us.

Gifts for our other Nepalese friends

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