Get on board!

6 September 2010 - 3:54am 3 Comments

Did you know that there is an online forum in our organisation? Oh yes, the forum has been around since 2007! It is an online Sangha for quite a few foreigners who, due to their location, makes our online Sangha the only one they have. So let’s support our international dharma brothers and sisters so they can progress along the path, and find their teachers and gurus.

Why join a forum? What’s in it for you? Well, it’s a practice we can add to the destruction of our ego! When we contribute to a forum, we challenge ourselves, especially those of us who have a fear of writing something silly or stupid. At the same, when we write on a forum, we learn by sharing and by reading how others write and think. We challenge ourselves to answer the questions being posted and to contribute.

So don’t wait any longer make your presence felt by being part of this forum. The forum needs you NOW!

3 Responses to Get on board!

  1. Yes please join up you will find some interesting people who are not afraid to post in true honesty. At least give it a try. What could it hurt :) ?

  2. A significant part of my spiritual evolution since becoming Buddhist is already logged right there on those forums. I can see myself grow from my own writing, since I first logged in, last year.

    Even if you don’t want to post, drop by and see the Archive of questions and answers we’ve amassed for 3 years! It’s all there still.

    The forum is a great place. If your bold, you can even have a real Dharma debate, too. Test your knowledge!

    We’ve got people from in America, from Oregon and California to Florida. Australia. The UK. I’m not sure how many other far flung people all over the world have befitted from the forum.