It’s showtime!

23 December 2010 - 7:28pm Comments Off

The Kechara Media & Publications team celebrate with the Kechara InMotion gang

After months of working hard on productions and intensive fundraising, Kechara InMotion finally have our own home! In the past, the team have always worked out of other people’s offices, first starting in a small corner of Kechara Media & Publications, before moving on to other locations like the old e-Division space in Tsem Ladrang.

However, good things can have small beginnings, and it only takes dedication to make these small beginnings grow.

Located above the old Kechara House 1, our new home has workspaces for our volunteers and staff, a chill-out room, a discussion area and even a white wall we can used to take photos against!

We wish to thank all of our kind sponsors in helping to make our dreams come true, and helping us to bring His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s teachings out to the world. Come and visit us – we cannot wait to show you around!

Where there is Kechara, there is good food from Kechara Oasis!

One of Kechara's youngest members, Pavara, gets some dinner with his father Uncle Lam

Liaisons came to celebrate another manifestation of Kechara's growth

Everyone was partying outside, except for hardworking Ms Han who was going through her emails!

Khong Jean Mei poses with her photo on the KIM sponsor tree

After the good food, everyone chilled out in KIM's chill-out room

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