H.E. Tsem Rinpoche Talks about Bigfoot on The Paranormal Zone Season 3

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The Paranormal Zone Team with H.E. Tsem Rinpoche

This 27 July 2015, The Paranormal Zone Season 3 will feature Bigfoot in Malaysia! The mysterious Bigfoot or sasquatch will be discussed and explored in depth in two episodes of the popular TV series as host Li Kim interviews H.E. Tsem Rinpoche who has been interested in the paranormal and supernatural since young, particularly Bigfoot!

Well known paranormal investigators from Singapore will also share their experiences as they try to locate Bigfoot in Johor, Malaysia.

Scientists discount the existence of Bigfoot and consider it to be a combination of folklore, misidentification, and hoaxes, rather than a living being, because of the lack of physical evidence. However, Rinpoche says:

I personally don’t feel Big Foot is a mystical being. I feel he’s mysterious because we can’t find him yet.

Rinpoche has been collecting information, videos, pictures and everything else about Bigfoot for the past 20 years. Rinpoche even visited the Bigfoot Museum in Willow Creek, North Carolina, USA, which is close to the site of the famous video taken by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in Bluff Creek, Humboldt County, North California in 1967, just 36 miles from Willow Creek. This video has since become legendary as it is the only known footage of a real Bigfoot.

Rinpoche conceptualised the idea of producing a paranormal television series in 2012, with the motivation to promote public understanding and alleviate fear about the unknown and paranormal phenomena. With that, The Paranormal Zone was born with Li Kim as its host.

The Paranormal Zone Season 3 exclusively airs on Syfy Asia starting from 15 June 2015, and on other channels in different countries:

  • Singapore: Starhub Channel 517
  • Malaysia: Hypp TV Channel 611
  • Thailand: METV, Triple TV
  • Philippines: CPI
  • Indonesia:Indovision, Okevision, First Media, Telkomvision

Bigfoot Museum – Willow Creek

Actual footage from a famous video taken by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in Bluff Creek, Humboldt County, North California in 1967

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