Double car blessing

24 June 2010 - 5:22am 1 Comment

Louise poses with her new baby

When one of our beloved members of staff, Louise Lee, bought a new car, little did she know that it would be blessed by two Buddhas. His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche heard that Louise had chosen the car because it could help her to carry Kechara Discovery stock.

Touched by her considerate nature, Rinpoche said he wished to carry out a special blessing for the car that would help to bring Buddhas into people’s homes. Rinpoche gifted Louise with a beautiful white car Buddha, to plant seeds of enlightenment in others’ minds. Rinpoche also wished to protect both Louise and her car from any obstacles that might arise from the auspicious work that the car will be used for. Here are some pictures from the night…and you can also read more about the blessing on Rinpoche’s personal blog!

Don’t forget to give Louise a big wave if you see her on the road!

Rinpoche poses with the Kechara Discovery team and Louise's new car

Rinpoche consecrates the car

Lord Shakyamuni is invited to reside on her dashboard, planting seeds of enlightenment in all who lay eyes on him

Rinpoche makes a final prayer

Rinpoche, Louise and Shakyamuni!

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  1. Wow…is it really Amazing night i’ll not forget in my life! I promise i’ll do all my best to everyone, bring happiness and joy to everywhere i reach! Use all my energy to serve and tell people, how i change myself after i meet My DEAREST TSEM TULKU RINPOCHE , KECHARA & DHARMA !