Kechara’s Christmas Cakes Hot from the Oven

12 December 2013 - 3:06am Comments Off

Kechara Oasis’ chefs have whipped up some healthy and yummy festive cakes for you!

Yule Log Cake

This Yule Log or Buche de Noel (BOOSH duh noh-EHL) is a unique way to carry on the tradition of celebrating Christmas. It is a tradition dating from pre-Christian times to honour the God Thor and to celebrate the winter solstice with a building of a bonfire. The substitution of a real ‘yule’ log with a dessert ‘Yule’ Log started when homes were built without fireplaces so they could not burn a real ‘yule’ log.

It was an innovative French pastry chef in the late 1800s, who came up with the idea of replacing the real ‘yule’ log with a cake that was log shaped. And now you can taste Kechara Oasis’ moist rich chocolate Yule Log this Christmas!

Christmas Carrot Cake

Our Christmas Carrot Cake is made with freshly grated carrots, with luscious, smooth cream cheese and a fine dusting of cocoa powder. A must-have for the festive season!

How to order

Kechara’s Christmas cakes are available at only RM68. Place your orders by 20th December 2013. Cake available to pick up from 23 to 25 December 2013.

To order, contact Kechara Oasis Jaya One (Tel: +603 7968 1818
) or Kechara Oasis Viva Home (Tel: +603 9284 1818).

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