The love in sculpting spirituality

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For the last three to four months, Kechara Saraswati Arts’ senior artist Lili Ng and few other volunteers have spent more than 1000 hours on a unique project…Kechara’s first self-sculpted statue!

The sculptor Lili Ng

They have been working on a statue of Lama Tsongkhapa on a white elephant, one of the five visions of his teacher that Khedrup Je had after Lama Tsongkhapa passed into clear light. The white elephant symbolises stability, strength, wisdom and prudence. In the vision, Lama Tsongkhapa’s gentle hands are in the gesture of giving the Dharma, signifying the growth of Dharma; the yellow pointed hat symbolises his Enlightened nature is a culmination of wisdom and compassion.

The statue has been consecrated and filled with blessed items including one billion images and mantras of Vajrayogini, one billion images of Heruka, one billion images of Tara and one billion images of Setrap stored in thumbdrive. Other items in this statue include potpourri (for fragrance and as a filler), Protector rice, mani pills, rolled mantras and other holy items from His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche.

To anyone who understands its true value, the statue is priceless and sacred. However, to better emphasise its monetary value, it is currently worth more than RM50,000 (1000 hours x RM50 per hour).

Kechara Saraswati Arts would like to offer this statue to our Guru, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche in dedication to his long life, good health and the growth of Dharma in this region.

A Pictorial Journey

Experimentation on different types of cement with various solutions

Sacred items and mantras becomes the core of the statue

The drawing/coloring begins!

Attention must be taken while drawing the statue features

Colours adorn the head of the elephant

Almost complete!

The 10 benefits of creating Buddha statues

  • One’s past negative karmas will lighten if they are heavy.
  • One is always supported and protected by virtuous gods, free from the harms of plague, natural calamities, bandits, war and imprisonment
  • One is free from their vengeance
  • One cannot be harmed by yakshas and evil spirits
  • One’s mind is at peace
  • One has a healthy countenance, and is full of energy.
  • One’s speech and actions bring happiness to men and gods; one is always respected and supported by the people. The dull will become intelligent, the sick will become healthy and the poor will become rich
  • One is free from the suffering realms and takes rebirth in the happy realms
  • One has beautiful features and an intelligent mind. One is well endowed with wealth and prosperity
  • Wherever one takes rebirth, one always meet with Buddha and receives teachings from him, until one achieves the three wisdoms and accomplishes the six super-mundane abilities

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