Mission of a florist

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Think of flowers, and you cannot help but smile. Receiving a bouquet of flowers always bring happiness and joy to the face of the recipient. In this way, a florist not only sells beautiful and fresh flowers, but promotes a message of happiness and a note of care.

Friends and Kechara staff from other departments at Kechara Bloom's opening

However, flowers prepared and sold by Kechara Blooms (KB), one of Kechara Sarawasti Art’s (KSA) latest divisions is something more than just happiness and care. It has a mission to not only bring temporary happiness to people but also to connect them to the path of eternal happiness.

KB officially opened its doors to the general public on 19 March, bringing them fragrant flowers with the added role of spreading the Dharma.

Paul Yap, Head of Kechara Discovery (KD) and KSA, shared on the opening day that the ultimate goal of KB is to connect one with the Dharma. Through KB, people have the opportunity to offer beautiful flowers to the Buddha to create a connection.

Datuk May Phng (far right), President of Kechara House alongside Dato' Ruby Khong (middle), President of Kechara Soup Kitchen at Kechara Blooms' opening, With them is Paul Yap, the division's head

Paul hopes that KB, which is managed by KSA, will be a gateway for more people know about the Kechara Organisation and ultimately lead more people to eternal happiness.

Paul Yap, Head of Department for KSA

Not only will KB be responsible for the flowers offered on the main altars of the Kechara House gompa (prayer hall), but they will also be tasked with floral decorations for in-house events like the Guan Yin Festival. The division also aims to serve Kechara staff, their friends as well as residents and office workers around SunwayMas Commercial Centre.

Beautiful flowers to be offered to the Buddhas

Before the opening of KB, KSA played the role of providing and arranging flowers for in-house activities and events. Flowers for the Kechara gompa offering ceremony, and the Grand Setrap & Dzambala Puja were all beautifully arranged by the multi-talented KSA staff and volunteers.

Paul expressed that Kechara Blooms will not only support the expenses of both KB and KSA, but also serve as a means of encouraging the talent of both staff and volunteers.

Deborah, one of Kechara Blooms staff played an essential role during the opening day

Unsurprisingly given their dedication, the KB team has learned everything about flowers and flowers arranging from scratch. It is due to their professionalism and love of what they do, that they have mastered the skill so quickly, for the benefit of others.

Paul expressed his sincere gratitude to the many volunteers especially Lily Chew and Deborah, who helped him source for fresh flower suppliers and, at the same time, taught him and the other volunteers the techniques of flower arranging. With their help and blessings from His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, Kechara Blooms will surely blossom into a beautiful ‘flower’, to attract many people to Kechara.


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