Blinging White Tara

9 July 2011 - 4:55pm Comments Off

The Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA) team has been hard at work blinging up many different statues for interested customers. One of our latest projects is a 3-foot White Tara with Swarovski crystals, to be exported for a customer living abroad.

The total project took one week, with KSA staff Pat Ng and Nani taking on this painstaking, very detailed task with the assistance of volunteer Iryne Chong.

Iryne Chong, Pat Ng and Nani with their work

Not only was the statue adorned with crystals, but White Tara’s beautiful face and features were also accentuated by Kumar, who took two days to apply his master craftsman touch.

Completing this beautiful bling bling White Tara required a lot of patience and focus, as the crystals are very small in size and the job involves a lot of glue…a little less focus, and the end result might have been a very messy statue!

The customer requested a simple but classic combination, so the KSA team chose to use clear crystals on White Tara, aside from the colourful lotus base and crown.

We hope that you will agree the finished White Tara is stunning! For more information on how you can offer the same jewels on to your own statues of any size, please contact KSA at +603-7880 6768.

Proud Head of Department Paul Yap with the team's finished project

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