Animals Also Have the Right to Freedom of Suffering

9 June 2010 - 4:13pm Comments Off

When we consider that animals can’t talk, are unable to express their concerns or even cry when they’re in pain and suffering, it breaks our hearts to realise just how much animal cruelty is carried out towards thousands of truly defenceless beings that neither wish nor do us the slightest harm.

Most of us feel sick to our stomachs whenever we see pictures of abused animals, some of which suffer a most horrendous pain we couldn’t even begin to imagine, and through our compassion for these animals, we constantly look for ways in which we can do our bit to help relieve the suffering of dogs, cats, birds and the many other animals who suffer tremendously through negligence or shameful brutality. It is not just human beings who have the right to find freedom from their own suffering – animals share that right also!

Kechara is committed to help relieve the suffering of animals, and happily endorses any individual, organisation or group that shares that same endeavour. His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche personally provides continual support and assistance to shelters and sanctuaries that strive to help animals that are in distress due to their terrible, yet avoidable, suffering, and he strongly believes that when we are kind to animals, it helps us to develop compassion because we are helping beings solely for their benefit who cannot thank us or do anything for us in return.

How Can You Lend a Hand?

Furry Friends Farm (FFF) is organising a national campaign to collect as many signatures as possible before the World Animal Day on 4th October.

The petition – designed to encourage the amendment of the Revised Animals Act 1953 – will be delivered to the Prime Minister’s office by October 2010. FFF is counting on you to add your name to the petition and help towards affecting positive change in the lives of the many animals that desperately need your assistance so that they may be afforded the same right that we all enjoy: the right to live in peace and harmony without undue and unnecessary suffering.

FFF, along with His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche and everyone at Kechara, implores you to visit and add your name to the petition. Please take a small moment to make a massive difference to the thousands of animals in Malaysia who suffer needlessly at the hands of their owners and others who abuse them without reason. Those animals can’t ask you for their help, but they do need it badly, and Kechara gladly offers its thanks and sincere gratitude to everyone who puts their name to the petition.

Together, let’s voice out against animal cruelty!

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