Saving Sara

16 November 2010 - 1:37am 3 Comments

Fang comforts Sara

It was an evening full of surprises for a few Kechara members. It began when Matthew Leong, a 12-year old volunteer with Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA), found a bleeding dog outside KSA. He called Khong Jean Mei for help, and she alerted her sister Khong Jean Ai who immediately went to KSA. Jean Ai found the dog outside a massage parlour bleeding heavily from its anus.

Testing her response to humans, Jean Ai fed Sara some food and gave her water to drink

Although the dog was alert and responding to sound, she did not move from her spot and seemed very exhausted. Seeing this, Jean Ai called Beng Kooi and some Kechara members who came to help her move the dog to a nearby vet. It was there that the group named the dog Sara, after ‘Saraswati’.

Sara's bleeding anus - who knows how long she had been suffering like this before Kechara members took care of her?

The vet inspected Sara but was not able to determine what was wrong. She said that it could be anything from internal bleeding to hemorrhage, so she injected Sara with morphine, Solucortef, Hemo and Ampi, and put her onto a drip. All of this was done to stabilise Sara’s condition until she could be diagnosed and treated.

About 10 minutes later, due to the side effects of the morphine, Sara vomited a lot of blood and parts of her uterus. As a result of the vomiting, the vet was able to diagnose Sara as having suffered a prolapsed uterus.

The vet did a quick check of Sara to see if she had any internal injuries or was pregnant

Immediately after vomiting, her bloated belly reduced and Sara’s breathing eased. The vet did a quick blood screening, and found that Sara had a high count of white blood cells, and very little blood…she had just 9.5 litres in her body, when the normal level is 44 litres. It was a miracle that Sara was even alive after losing 80% of her blood!

After Sara was stabilised, the team transported her to a larger veterinary hospital for a blood transfusion. The urgency was such that where blood transfusions would not normally have been done until the following morning, the doctors at the hospital made an exception for Sara.

The vet's assistant helped to prepare Sara for an IV drip

Throughout the journey, and at the second hospital, the team followed His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s advice and recited Medicine Buddha’s mantra for her. They noticed that whenever she could hear the chanting, her breathing would ease and she seemed to be in less pain.

Following the transfusion, Sara was more alert. The team remained with her for a while, with Jean Ai’s Vajrayogini pendant on her head. They also dripped holy water into her mouth and gave her a mani pill to swallow. Once Sara had taken some of the water, she sat up – the team said she looked like she was considering what to do next.

Very weak and in great pain, Sara did not struggle when the IV drip was inserted

Sara will not be the last dog that Kechara members rescue. Whenever and wherever animals need help, Kechara aims to be there. To do so effectively, we need to establish an animal sanctuary so that we have a place where animals can recuperate in peace, and live their lives out happily and without worry of abuse, neglect or hunger.

We are currently looking for a 20 to 30-acre piece of land no more than 40 minutes drive away from Kuala Lumpur. We are also seeking people skilled in animal care to join us in making this place a haven for animals. To donate to Kechara’s animal efforts, please click HERE or contact Liaison Jamie Khoo (+6016 323 9567 ; [email protected]) for further information.

About 10 minutes after a morphine shot was administered, poor Sara vomited a lot of blood and the part of her uterus she had ingested

Blood and uterus all over the floor, making the room smell very strongly of iron

Parts of Sara's uterus

Sara's stomach was visibly less bloated after vomiting

Sara receiving her blood transfusion. Thanks to kind pet owners who allowed for their pets to be blood donors, Sara's life was saved

Jean Ai chanting Medicine Buddha's mantra as Fang checks on Sara's blood bag

The following day, Sara was still very weak but doing a little better compared to the previous night. She stared off into space and made consistent groaning sounds

Her white blood count was alarmingly high, indicating septicaemia had set in. The team followed the doctor's suggestion to perform surgery on her, to remove the remaining parts of her infected uterus

Sara waiting for her surgery

3 Responses to Saving Sara

  1. Thanks To KECHARA !
    Sad to see dogs and cats out there with poor conditions. They have their lives too, treat them with dignity and let them have peace of mind to at least carry out simple life in this world.

  2. Each time i try to save this pity animals, most of the people surrounding me think that i m over acting(because they think just an animal). After seeing this pity dog condition, it give me a huge courage to face the same circumstances. At least, i know i m not alone…..Thanks to KECHARA.

    • I’m so happy you feel that way! Please keep helping animals, because they cannot help themselves! There are many others out there just like you, unsung heroes. You are definitely not alone, there are many animal lovers in this world :)

      You know, after this whole saga with Sara, I learned such an important lesson from Rinpoche and from Sara. It is that every time I let people affect what I think, or if I let my laziness / selfishness / distractedness win, then another dog might be out there somewhere suffering. Not just dog, but cat, fish, tortoise, bird…anything lah! :) I only need to think of how much pain Sara was in, to know that I don’t want the same thing to happen to any other animal.