Saga of Sara

14 December 2010 - 8:27pm Comments Off

Sara just before surgery on 14 December 2010

No dog has had a more colourful history with Kechara than Sara. As one of the friendly stray dogs roaming Jalan Kechara, Sara was a regular fixture in our members’ lives as they fed her and cared for her. Later, she became the catalyst for Kechara Animal Sanctuary (KAS) when she was found bleeding outside Kechara Saraswati Arts, and rescued by some members.

After Sara healed from her injuries caused by a prolapsed uterus, she was adopted into the home of a Kecharian so that she might fully recover. That night however, after having spent two weeks in the clinic, Sara’s urge to run free became too strong. Chewing her way out of the cage she was put in to minimise her movements, Sara made a run for it.

Sara as she was found on Sunday night, with an injured eye and a swollen back right leg

It took members four hours of driving, and searching and running before they finally found her and brought her back to Naropa House. There, she was kept in the dog house originally bought for Patches (who has since found a loving home elsewhere!)…only for her to chew her way out of the house and make another escape.

Despite days of driving and searching, members were unable to find Sara again until Sunday 12 December 2010, when Sara was found outside the e-Division with a heavily injured eye. She was immediately rushed down to the clinic again, where she was admitted for surgery to be performed the following day.

Sara’s case is both a story of sadness and happiness. Sad because she lacks the karma to recognise those who wish to help her, choosing instead to run away; happy because her case has taught Kechara members a lot about animal care and prompted the formation of the KAS committee.

Sara will not be the last dog that Kechara members rescue. Whenever and wherever animals need help, Kechara aims to be there. To do so effectively, we need to establish an animal sanctuary so that we have a place where animals can recuperate in peace, and live their lives out happily and without worry of abuse, neglect or hunger.

We are currently looking for a 20 to 30-acre piece of land no more than 40 minutes drive away from Kuala Lumpur. We are also seeking people skilled in animal care to join us in making this place a haven for animals. To donate to Kechara’s animal efforts, please click HERE or contact Liaison Jamie Khoo (+6016 323 9567 ; for further information.

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