New home for a handsome prince!

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Giorgio has finally found a new home! He arrived at his new home in Kuantan on 27 February 2011, where his new owners eagerly waited to welcome their new family member. There was food, a place to live and plenty of love all ready beforehand! This really marks a new chapter in both the lives of Giorgio and his new family members.

The safe arrival of Giorgio at his new home

For the time being, Giorgio will be staying at a groomer’s to undergo flea treatment, and perhaps receive a grooming session to look like the young handsome prince that he is. After his treatment, his new owners will be ready and waiting to take him home!

The Kuantan Study Group has written a letter of appreciation to thank Karin, Rodita, Kolok and Dr. Hank in facilitating the adoption of Giorgio by his new owners. It is a joyful moment when an animal as beautiful as Giorgio finds love and a nice place to live; no animal should be treated cruelly regardless of whether or not they are a pure or mixed breed.

Everybody flocked to play with Giorgio!

May the merits created by finding Giorgio a new home go towards the quick manifestation of Kechara Animal Sanctuary. We are currently looking for a 20 to 30 acre piece of land no more than 40 minutes drive away from Kuala Lumpur. We are also seeking people skilled in animal care to join us in making this place a haven for animals. Imagine a place where animals can roam free, and able to live their lives out as they wish, never having to worry about food, shelter, warmth and love…

For further information on how you can help, please contact Kechara Animal Sanctuary at ++6010 322 6666 or

Giorgio's new owner showering him with love and care

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