Freedom for fish

10 October 2010 - 12:09am 1 Comment

It might have been early, and they might have been sleepy but on 3 October 2010, a group of 30 people made their way down to the Kepong Metropolitan Park to participate in Kechara’s monthly animal liberation event. Volunteers, family and friends gathered on the dock of Kepong’s big big lake to release hundreds of kilogrammes of fish originally destined for people’s dinner plates. Flipping and flopping in their tubs, it was obvious the fish just wanted to get out…so get out they did, after some prayers were recited for them!

If you wish to take part in next month’s animal liberation, or wish to sponsor fish in dedication to someone’s long life, please click here or contact Nicholas Yu (+6016 209 0541) for further details.

Ooooh fish!

Reciting Shantideva’s prayers…Nicholas Yu (left) organises this event every month

After Shantideva's prayers, the group recites Medicine Buddha's mantra and His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche's name mantra

This month's fish were sponsored and dedicated to Phng Wee Liang (right)

After the liberation, the fish are fed and their condition is monitored over the next few months

The event isn't just about liberating animals, but about caring for them afterwards as well

To make sure the meritorious event ends on a high note, dedication prayers are recited

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  1. 釋放遭殺眾‧如是賜生命